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Fast Turnaround Service

Are you in need of a fast turnaround? We have access to numerous lenders with fast turnaround that can give you the best chance of securing your property.

If one of the following sounds like the situation you are in, get in touch asap.

- You've had an offer accepted without pre-approval

- Your current bank/lender has declined your application

- You have put down a deposit without unconditional approval

- Your current provider is not responding, or processing time will not meet your deadline

With our fast turnaround service, we'll bend over backwards to ensure you have the best chance of securing your property. We do this by using the amazing relationships we have with our lender panel, along with our up to date analysis of different lender turnaround at any given time.

To take us up on this offer call 1300 170 717

Running a Marathon

Once completed, one of our brokers will provide you with some options that may be available to you in the market.


By engaging with Polaris Home Loans, it's not just set and forget - we will review your home loan annually to ensure you are getting the most out of your home loan, for the life of the loan.

Alternatively, just leave your name and number and one of our brokers will contact you

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