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About Polaris

The name Polaris is synonymous with guidance, which is by far the most important part of what we do. After many years in the finance industry, Peter and James have carved out a unique style in the mortgage broking domain. A business founded upon friendly customer service, high-level product knowledge, and a passion for financial guidance.

Both being family men, there is a succinct focus on financial independence and family values. It's not just about getting a home loan across the line, it's also about what comes next. It is our goal to ensure our client's are equipped to become financially independent and achieve their lifestyle goals. We have many years of experience helping hundreds of Australians, and we’d love to meet you!

Meet the Team

We'd love to meet you!

Our Quality Guarantee

Peter, James and their industry-accredited team of professionals provide expert credit advice services all over NSW and beyond. Typically we service the greater Sydney region, with offices in Sutherland and Thirroul. With exceptional knowledge of the market and a passion for understanding the unique needs of clients, we ensure you are equipped to become financially independent and achieve your lifestyle goals.

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