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We can help you maximise the growth of your SMSF property investment

Buying Investments with SMSF

We can assist in the growth of your SMSF residential property investment.

Using your super to buy property gives you access to tax incentives for investing in property. But it’s essential to structure your SMSF correctly, in order to meet the ATO’s strict borrowing rules and to allow your investment the scope to flourish.

Polaris give accurate, informed advice based on years of experience across all stages of the SMSF buying process. We have access to some of the most competitive loans on the market.

Our goal is to ensure your investment continues to thrive long after settlement.

We can also build a tailored lending strategy for your SMSF commercial property investment.

Whether you’re planning to buy property to lease out, or your business will be leasing property through your SMSF, it’s important to get the right lending framework to optimise tax incentives and power investment growth.

We’ll take away the confusion and ensure your investment isn’t limited by an insufficient lending strategy..

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Make your savings active

Boost your savings plan with smarter money investments.

Aim even higher with your savings

Taking your savings up a notch with a fund that works harder.

Balance risk in favour of your returns

Start your equities investment portfolio with a team of experts who understand, manage and monitor it.

Take control and speed up your savings

Get greater visibility of your cash position.

Lock in a fixed rate for greater certainty

Savings to suit your calendar. Whether it’s over a few months or years, let your money work hard for you.

Goal accelerator

A unique gearing strategy that powers up your investments so you have the potential to reach your goals faster by using less of your own money.

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