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First Home Buyers

We can guide first home buyer through the first home buyer process.

First Home Buyer

We love property and feel that every Australian deserves an opportunity to own their own home.

We also know from our own experience that young Australians need a helping hand to achieve this goal.

That’s why we keep up to date with all the services, strategies and products available in the market to make this a reality.

In general, banks would like to see a 20% deposit plus costs contributed by the borrowers.  For a first home owner this could mean they need $150,000 saved before they start looking.

However, there are options available if you don’t have this deposit and can service the loan.  Some of these include:

  • First Home Buyers Grants – this may include reduced or no stamp duty, cash grants and financial assistance.  For a rundown of the available grants please call our office.
  • Family Pledge/Limited Guarantors –  there has been vast improvements in this area over the last few years, making it more accessible for parents to help out their children using the equity in their own home.  This could include parents using their equity in their home as security to help with the deposit.
  • Lenders Mortgage Insurance – this protects the lender from the value of your property falling and you defaulting on your loan.  Remember, this doesn’t protect you; only the bank.
  • Joint Ventures – relatively new to the market there is the option (subject to T&C’s) for parents to provide financial assistance via an investment in their home.  It sounds complicated but is rather exciting as it provides protection for parents and funding for kids with the help of an intermediary.

Definitely best to discuss these options in a complimentary and personalised free face to face educational experience (meeting).

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Buying Your First Home

This is an exciting big step, but it can be daunting at the same time. A lot of questions can arise from attempting tp buy a home.

What Fees/costs should I budget for?

There are a number of fees involved when  buyinga property. To avoid any surprises, we advise clients to allow approximately 5%

Investing in Property

Everyone is unique when it comes to their financial position and goals. Let us assist you in your future investment


A 0.50% saving on
the average home loan may save you approximately $66,000 over the life of the

Our Home Loan Calculators

How much can I borrow?

See how much you can borrow for your home by entering a few details.

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See the savings you can achieve by making extra monthly repayments.

Mortgage offset

You could save by having an offset linked with your home loan.