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Debt Counselling

With fully qualified independent advisers, we can give you the debt counselling required to get the job done and get you debt free again.

Debt Counselling

Financial education is the key to good financial management. Unfortunately most Australians have little knowledge in the area of financial management and are prone to falling into bad financial habits. With credit becoming increasingly more readily available it is not difficult to fall into a cycle of debt. While credit can be extremely useful, mismanaging credit can have significant consequences a fact that many of us learn the hard way. If you have fallen into financial crisis, it is recommended that you seek expert help and advice. For lower income earners who have little possibility of affording advice, debt counsellors could be the solution for you.

Debt counsellors can provide you with invaluable assistance if you are struggling with the management of your finances. If you are experiencing financial difficulties it helps to have the advice of an experienced and calm advisor. Debt counsellors can assist you with your situation and discuss the options available to you. Debt counsellors are generally trained and certified financial experts that can give you guidance in the issues of:

Debt management
Debt elimination
Debt negotiation
Debt agreements
When can debt counselling help your situation

Debt counselling is suitable for any of the services listed above. A debt counsellor is a trained professional but more importantly they are able to emotionally detach themselves from each situation and provide you with good solid advice to assist you.

Debt counsellors understand the difficulties of debt management and can help with whatever personal situation has led to your financial problems. Often personal problems such as divorce and unemployment result in people accumulating too much debt. Debt counsellors can provide you with the understanding and emotional support you need along with their expertise in the area of debt management.

Debt counsellors can also assist with budgeting; they can look at your financial position objectively and create a personalised plan for you to follow. They may also help keep you motivated and devise strategies to ensure that you stick to good financial practises. Some debt counsellors will stay with you until your debt is completely eliminated.

Debt counsellors can also assist you with negotiation with your creditors, whether that is for informal agreements, debt agreements or hardship provisions. Negotiating with creditors yourself can be a difficult and emotionally training process, so it helps to have a competent and experienced negotiator working for you. Reputable debt counsellors will have contacts with many of the major creditors in the financial industry and are in a position to negotiate on your behalf. Creditors will often be more responsive to negotiations with debt counsellors than they would on a personal level.

Debt counsellors are versatile and can assist you through a multitude of scenarios and help you budget your way out of debt effectively. When it comes to debt it is better to have a professional help you than to tackle the problems by yourself.

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